Bioquímica Anabólica

  • Bioquímica Anabólica
  • Anabolism is the part of metabolism that refers to the synthesis of substances in an organism, that is, from simpler molecules, are created more complex molecules and only occurs in high energy.

    The Bioquímica Anabólica (Anabolic Biochemistry) is a new concept of athlete preparation and health care. The consultancy’s mission is to promote and maintain the health of its athletes in order to keep them competitive for long periods of time. The emphasis of this service is on the monitoring of biochemical markers, prophylaxis of health complications and pharmacotherapy for high competitive performance.

    To symbolize the strength of a responsible and lasting consulting, we created a monogram with the letters B, Q and A for the brand. With simplicity we translated the values of Bioquímica Anabólica: simple units creating complexity, aligning the communication of the brand with its target audience.

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