Objective with Clemens Ascher

  • Clemens Ascher approached our London studio with a new portrait series of figures in a surrealistic world. In his own words: 

    “The idea behind the series “Objective” was to do an experiment by creating suprematist - or neo-cubistic inspired - abstract compositions, in which people function as a link between the abstract and the real world. They interact with the abstract world physically, by holding graphic elements, but also visually by wearing corresponding colours.”

    The series was shot digitally, but Clemens took reference frames on colour negative film. Using our own device link profiles, we matched the entire series to this for a strongly analogue look.
  • Concept and Photography: Clemens Ascher
    Post Artists: Aljaz Bezjak, Maria Luisa Calosso / Recom Farmhouse
    Fashion Designer: Ajmal Khan
    Styling: Mariana Abella
    Makeup: Poppy Micklem
    Hair: Craig McAtear
    Set Builder: Andrew Hall
    Casting: Ebonie Ray
    Photo Assistant: David Jenewein

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