• This project took the first place at the national stage of the international contest "MultiComfort House Students Contest Edition 2017" from Saint-Gobain. 

    Including in June 2017 participation in the international stage of this competition (certificate of participation) in Madrid. 

  • Ver Nuevo from Spanish means a new look, and in Russian it sounds like “vernu evo”, which means “return it”. The main goal was to increase the attractiveness of the building and the surrounding of the neighborhoods, return typical atmosphere of Spain, using traditional materials and forms. 
  • What architectural decisions I propose? During the reconstruction, people moved from one floor to a substitute fund, which is located in the former garages. An additional residential floor was also built up. At the end of the superstructure, residents were relocated from the 1st floor to the new one. 
  • Moreover, the new layout of the building provide protection from overheat. The 1st floor was reconstructed for trading function. 
  • The recreational and sport area for different age groups are created in the patio. The garages are converted to an eco-store and a pharmacy. Here is the company store vernuevo. 
  • With the help of this reconstruction, an accessible exit to any part of the house and the surrounding area was obtained, regardless of a particular location of the residents. For example, you can easily move from one store to another other store, without interrupting the purchase. 
  • On the level of the 1st floor the residents are provided with the storage systems with partial natural light. The storage systems are divided into sectors by colors, so residents quickly find their own.
  • There is also a two-level café, where people can relax and have a good time.
  • What about the technical aspects?
  • minimum cost for the electricity
  • In addition, I propose do not just shutters or blinds, but modular plates on the rails. The technology of the plates is very simple: the required numbers of plates are interconnected and are moved on hinges along the rails.

    Acoustics is provided at the expense of materials isover and this system of railing.

    Constructive details.
    “Isover” materials are used in order to reduce the cost of cooling and heating.
    The nodes have made it possible to achieve maximum energy efficiency at home.
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