Tiger - Black & White

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    Client : Tiger
    Agency : BBDO Asia - Singapore
    Creative Production Studio MACHINEAST

  • Strikingly bold. Refreshingly smooth. Unexpected in every way. Introducing the all-new Tiger Black and White.
    The 85-year old Tiger Beer has been making its rounds at popular spots in Singapore to unveil their new flavours. Tiger Beer has listened to their customers who want flavours that are unique, unheralded and authentic. Originally brewed to combat Singapore’s tropical heat, Tiger’s full-bodied, refreshing taste is the perfect complement to the region’s spicy street food, making it the drink of choice in hawker centres, night markets or wherever a wok sizzles.

    We worked closely with BBDO Asia - Singapore to produce key visuals for Tiger's new flavour, Black and White for various medium and recreate every element entirely in 3D.

  • Client & Agency final version on the official website. Check out the film at uncagetheunexpected.com

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