Vector Works 2017 ★★★

  • Illustrator is not my main tool when it comes to vector graphics. I draw in Flash/Animate and playing around with minor effects in Photoshop. I'm still interested in freehand vector drawing with expressive rough lines and contrast colours. Some of these pictures weren't included into the previous project because they were started in 2016 and finished in 2017. This project is to be updated during this year.
  • E Blast
  • Gatefold image (version) for Waveshaper "Velocity" vinyl.
  • Bass System
  • Demon Speeding
  • Dragon Power
  • Acid Geesus
  • Killer
  • Not Cool
  • Lobo Tommy
  • Wasteland BMW
  • Artwork for Waveshaper "Velocity"
  • Priest
  • System Shock
  • Yellow Ranger.
    Made for Morphin Time Power Rangers tribute project