Editorial Weekly May-June

  • "Editorial Weekly" is a weekly based project: one illustration to represent one article from a international magazine.
  • Computer beats 'Go' champion for first time. 
    Creative field is finally open to the AI.
    The New York Times Apr 10, 2017
  • Under the protests against NATO and EU.
    'Foot soldiers in a shadowy battle between Russia and the West'.
    The New York Times May 28, 2017
  • Electric cars accelerate past 2m mark globally.
    The Guardian June 7, 2017
  • Trump reverses pieces of Obama-Era engagement with Cuba.
    The New York Times June 16, 2017
  • About the link between domestic violence and mass shootings.
    The New Yorker June 16, 2017

  • Students love technology, right? Not always.
    The Washington Post June 20, 2017
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