Christi's Itsy Bitsy Inkerz // Photoshop Brushes

  • I’ve spent a long time searching for the perfect Photoshop brushes to suit the way I work, but have been a victim to option paralysis when presented with brush packs containing over 100 brushes. My solution was fairly straight forward: I made my own brushes. 
    I often buy new pens just to try them out and analyse why I like them, and, more importantly, why I don’t. I knew this would translate to the digital world somehow, and the opportunity to craft my very own custom brushes from scratch was like a dream come true. I’ve had the chance to tweak my digital tools to a point where they feel comfortable, versatile, and natural to draw with. 
    Initially the set would contain only the two inking brushes, but I’ve also included two scattered texture brushes as extras, as well as a few other bonus textures and files. It took some convincing, due to how attached I am to the tools I make, but I’ve decided to put this set of four carefully picked custom brushes up for purchase on Gumroad:

    *Side note: These are tool presets and as such only work with Adobe Photoshop CS5 newer.
    *Tip: Best used with a slightly higher firmness value in your tablet driver settings. 


  • "The Harvester"
    Artwork I've created using only the "Itsy Bitsy Inkerz" brushes.

  • Close-Ups.

  • Artwork time-lapse showing the brushes in action.

    Track: The Closest I've Come by Earthside
    *PS. This band is great, check them out!

  • "Christi's Itsy Bitsy Inkerz" splash illustration.

  • Close-Ups.

  • Buy the "Itsy Bitsy Inkerz" brushes, as well as a few 
    exclusive bonus files on Gumroad for FREE via:

  • The bundle includes:

    The brush tool preset file, which includes 2 inking brushes and 2 texture brushes.
    A 'Read Me' file with usage instructions and explanations of the brushes.
    2 Artwork examples made with the brushes.

    3 free bonus textures and an extra texture brush I made previously.

  • "Suh?"

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