NCA | Break Through 2017 Campaign

  • True to the NCA philosophy, the final result was a product of hard work and a great team effort.
    Thanks to everyone involved!
    Firehouse - for pushing the creative boundaries.
    James - for fighting through sickness to get the shots.
    Dabarti studio - amazing job running the simulations I needed for final composite.
    Raphael FS - nice work on isolations and skin clean up.

    Client: National Cheerleaders Association (NCA)
    Agency: Firehouse
    Photography: James Quantz Jr.
    CGI: Mike Campau & Dabarti Studio (Tomasz Wyszolmirski)
    Post Production: Mike Campau & Raphael FS

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  • Work in Progress - test simulations
  • Simulation review - Dabarti Studio
  • concepts and direction