• An appropriately high-speed but very enjoyable job to launch the 2017 update of the massively popular bike racing game MotoGP, with motorcycles and riders all in CGI. We used the in-game models as a basis but these needed considerable rework for use in high resolution, so it was fascinating to craft the additional details that were needed. All the textures and shaders also had to be remade. 

    We set the CGI bikes and bikers onto a photographic background and then perfected the image in Photoshop to make them roar off the track. 
  • The making-of movie shows how the final image comes together from the elements...detail detail detail....
  • Very happy to see the image used to promote the game all over social media, on the game packaging and so on! 
  • Credits:
    Client: Milestone
    Art Director: Nicola Neri
    Concept Artist: Lorenzo Blangiardo

    CGI Artists: Kristian Turner, Anna Toporova, Adam Jones / Recom Farmhouse
    CGI Artist: Richard Jenkinson / Recom Berlin
    Post Artist: Pepê Alram, Aljaz Bezjak / Recom Farmhouse

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