BIG Gimmick: Mafia Pasha

  • Mafia - Pasha
  • Pasha was created as part of this month's BIG Gimmick, a reoccurring character design challenge. Illustrators are free to create their character however they like. The only rule is it had to be based off the chosen theme for the month and turned in by the fifteenth of that said month. 

    The BIG Gimmick theme for June 2017 was Mafia.  So for my entry, I created Pasha as a sketch in Adobe Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq, inked him in Adobe Illustrator and brought him back to Photoshop for the final color work.

    The only thing bigger than Pasha is the size of the fear he induces in those who find themselves in his path. Pasha's rise to power as an Avtorit in the Russian Mob is a long and horrifying story with its roots in the hell that was Nazino Island. The Nazino Affair, (остров Назино), also known as Cannibal Island is the final resting spot of his parents who were among the 6,000 sent there to die during Joseph Stalin's reign. Pasha was the only child to survive Nazino and participated in bleeding the cow, a process in which a group would lure another prisoner to join in an escape attempt, only to brutally kill and butcher them for their meat. Pasha later escaped the island at the age of nine. This horrifying entry into Pasha's world created a man who would do whatever is necessary to not only survive but thrive in the darkest corners of our society, and that is exactly what he did.

    A small note that I just enjoy about the character's name, Pasha (PAH-shah) [ORIGIN-Czech, Latin, Russian] means small and humble which just seemed the fitting moniker for this character.
  • For anyone who is interested in being part of the BIG Gimmick monthly character challenge, stop by the BIG Gimmick Facebook page and request to join in.