• whataboutfish. Is a creative exploration aimed at generating awareness on the impacts of overfishing and unsustainable fishing practices.

    The project was created as part of my Masters of Creative Practice, and allowed me to travel to the Great Barrier Reef in early 2017 to capture photographs and do field research. This book is a focus on the reef as a whole and it showcases the beauty of the environment and the challenges it faces every day.

    Going into this project, I wanted to focus on photography as the main visual element throughout the book. This was important as I wanted to emphasise the beauty and fragility of the Great Barrier Reef and allow people to get a more realistic understanding of the issues that it is facing. This of course came with many design challenges, especially allowing for a balanced page layout. The use of full bleed images was used to create more impact and allow for the viewer to receive more visual stimuli. I quickly came to the decision to work with lowercase serif headings accompanied by a sans-serif body for a more contemporary style.

    The research element of this project came with many challenges focused on reliable information sources. Environmental issues often have false and misleading data, so it was vital for me to find sources that were credible. Much of this research was found online, but books played an important role for the sustainability aspect of the project. It was valuable to find sustainable approaches that designers can use within their practice to allow for more environmentally friendly workflows.

    Accompanying this book is a separate book containing 45 individual drawings and marble paintings, detailing the endangered species living in the area. Both books are apart of an upcoming exhibition, taking place in July 2017. You can take a look at that project here.

  • An aspect created for whataboutfish. included a website which offered sustainable ideas and practices within design and every day living. It also summarised the project and showcased the work that was produced. The website was created on Adobe Muse and explores minimal design with a focus on photography as a main element.