Evergreen typeface

  • Evergreen is a charming typeface with a nostalgic feel and modern lines, a wedding between different font styles. The narrow sans-serif—with drop-shaped terminals, vertical axis and a high stroke contrast—is inspired by the old Didone font style. It's combined with minimalistic characteristics to give it a modern, contemporary feel. 

    It has its own unique style that cannot be placed in a specific time period. Just like a song that remains perennially fresh and interesting—an evergreen—which is the aim designing this font. Small leafs and flower details are added to support the name and style, and to give the typeface personality. 

    Evergreen is a display typeface designed for use in headlines, icons, sub-headlines and other primary level information. It also works well as a logotype. 

  • Download Evergreen here. It's free for personal use.

    Evergreen for commercial use