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    Different ideas depending on the final result and related to the consequential emotional feelings.
  • “Macron’s victory means hope for the French state. He’s the youngest president we’ve had. God is with him. I hope he will govern with dignity, fraternity and freedom.
    I don’t know Macron well, but he’s the future of the French people. There are millions of immigrants here - France is mixed.
    The sun is for everyone, we are just passengers in this world. Le Pen’s party members are like the Nazis, it’s in their blood.”

    Ben Fikih, 75, retired
  • “I voted blank in the first round and yesterday for Marine. I don’t know Macron. I don’t know who he is, I just heard about him in this election but it’s unclear what he stood for.
    Marine doesn't like immigrants, but I’m not an immigrant. I don't have anything to fear from her.”

    Djonar, driver

  • “I did not vote at all, neither in the first nor second round. I don’t feel represented by the political establishment. 
    People in France should be able to work, go to school, have access to jobs and education.
    Racism is an enormous problem, there is a lot of discrimination even if you don’t see it. It’s according to your social class.”

    Junior, 33, driver