• Ricola Thailand
    Creative/art direction and visual design for Ricola Thailand
  • Agency: Enigma
    Client: Ricola Switzerland
  • The project is all about finding the right story, tone of voice and visuals for the Thai market with 7 story explorations to create social media ads on Facebook and Instagram. Each of them is translated into Thai culture with different visual directions — type treatment, illustration, photo, corporate branding.
  • 1. The Herbal Jewel That You Can Share
  • 2. Let Nature Take Care Of You
  • 3. Swiss Herbs That Help You With Your Sore Throat
  • 4. Try It, Feel It, Love It.
  • 5. Ricola Makes You To A Star
  • 6. Fresh For The Lungs, Warm For The Heart
  • 7. Taste The Herbs. Live Life.
  • Another experiment
  • Facebook Post
  • Chrüterchraft in Thai
  • Facebook Ad in use
  • Case Study: Influencers event in Bangkok