• Raíz Nômade - Aromaterapia & Fitocosmética (Aromatherapy & Phytocosmetics) is a company specialized in products based on essential and vegetable oils as well as other all-natural compounds. To communicate a whole natural and craft approach of brand, I developed a humanist brand with handmade lettering, with a smooth curve that meaning delicacy and lightness. In addition to brand, I drew illustrations inspired by differents types of plants.
    For the labels, I used recycled paper, to alludes the nature, and a satin ribbon: the lace with hand tape and unique to each piece, such as Raiz Nômade's products.

    I thank Tainá and Marcos for inviting me to develop this amazing branding and packaging project, as well as Fernanda and Atrela for help me to managing it. I love you guys ;)

  • Graphic Design / Creative & Art Direction: Gabriel Fagundes
    Production Management: Fernanda Martins

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