• why:
    Build new industries from the world's largely affected disaster areas.



  • how:
    Tohoku—an industry of global disaster preparedness?​​​​​​​


  • Upon collaboration with Kohshin Trading Company in Sendai Japan, we designed the disaster kit "THE SECOND AID." This disaster kit reflects "OLIVE," a wiki-style web page launched just 40 hours after the Great East Japan Earthquake. It shared tips and knowledge useful in the event of a disaster. "THE SECOND AID" is designed with a white background and red font—an image of a first-aid kit that would save lives during an emergency.​​​​​​​ The "O" in OLIVE represents the emblem of Japan's national flag, using this with the word "live," to reflect our wish, "Live on, Japan." We collected various ideas on how to efficiently and effectively utilize items in affected areas where there may be a lack of resources. Upon voluntary contribution, the website is translated into English, Chinese, and Korean, still expanding as a database that utilizes collective wisdom. There is now an "OLIVE BOOK," a paperback book consisting of information collected on the OLIVE website. All useful information during disaster situations is described with illustrations, making it easy to understand. An abridged version of "OLIVE BOOK" is included in an A4 size notebook format in "THE SECOND AID."

    「THE SECOND AID」は仙台市の高進商事と共同開発した防災セットです。 本防災セットには、NOSIGNERが東日本大震災発生から40時間後に立ち上げた災害時に有効な知識を集めて共有するwikiサイト「OLIVE」の取り組みが反映されています。 パッケージは白地に赤の文字で統一し、いざという時に、自分の身を助けてくれる救急箱のイメージでデザインしました。O(日の丸)+ LIVE(生きる)といった意味で「生きろ日本」との願いから、名付けられたwikiサイト「OLIVE」には、身の回りのモノから物資のない被災地で生きるために役立つモノを作るアイデアや情報が集まりました。サイトは有志の協力により、英語、中国語、韓国語へと翻訳されており、集合知を利用したデータベースとして、現在も拡張しています。本サイトに集まった情報を再編した書籍が「OLIVE BOOK」です。分かりやすいイラストともに災害時に役立つ情報を一冊にまとめています。この「OLIVE BOOK」をさらに抜粋し、災害時に必要な情報をまとめたA4サイズの冊子が「THE SECOND AID」には入っており、もしもの時に役立つモノと情報が詰まった一箱に仕上がりました。

  • now:
    A best-seller disaster preparation kit, spreading the idea throughout Japan.


  • Although we developed this project with a company affected by the disaster holding little experience in this field as of yet, it gradually increased its sales and resulted in selling tens of thousands of sets. It became a best-selling disaster preparation kit, quickly becoming popular all over Japan. Acclaiming new positions with design awards worldwide, the lineup of orders is gradually increasing. However, this is all still insufficient to build a disaster preparation industry. As the memory of the earthquake is slowly disappearing, it is especially important and necessary now to develop further for the future.


    Design for Asia Award: Bronze (2015) 
    Red Dot Award (2015
    iF DESIGN AWARD (2016)
    Design Intelligence Award: Top 12 (2016)
    D&AD Award (2016)
    JPDA Gold (2017
    Topawards (2017)
    German Design Award (2017)

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  • when:
    Sendai, Japan
    Art Direction
    NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
    Graphic Design
    NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Toshiyuki Nakaie, Kaori Hasegawa)
    NOSIGNER (Takeshi Kawano)​​​​​​​

  • who:
    social design by evolution thinking

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