Centre for Research on Media Innovations

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Centre for Research on Media Innovations (CRMI)
    Brand identity

    Centre for Research on Media Innovations is a scientific network exploring 
    how changing technologies and changing modes of engagement with media,
    bring about media innovation and transformation of the media sector. CRMI
    is also the publisher of The Journal of Media Innovations (JOMI), and the host
    of t
    he International Symposium on Media Innovations (ISMI), a conference
    that serves as a barometer for the state of media innovations every year. 

    Our task has been to create a visual identity that unite all of these brands,
    and the new identity is an expression of how CRMI serves as the centre of
    the network, and of the forward-looking research that the network is all about. 

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