• It has been intense months of hard work and project development, finding the time between days and nights has been an important factor for the development of this piece, one, that has taken me several months to conclude. On the one hand the application of color, which has always been a challenge for me, but on the other hand, and more importantly, the evolution and conceptual changes it has undergone in the process. This piece started, like some others, as the result of sessions of meditation and personal insight.
    The mantras and symbols that have accompanied me in the most recent time have served as the main source of inspiration behind each and every stroke.

    At the moment I find myself developing some projects that are outside the graphic field, however, this piece has given me the starting point to work on a series of illustrations that will make up my second and more ambitious book.

    I share this mantra with you.

    The best omens for all.


  •  Details
  • Carbon version
  • Limited Series ( 108 )
    Hand made transfer on tempered glass (11 in. x 9 in.) made with a heat and pressure technique. Signed, numbered and sealed.
    For queries on how to obtain this piece, please leave me a message (inbox) with the following information:

    Subject: Mantra
    I will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Strings.

    Months ago I had the opportunity to travel to China for the Pentawards 2016 ceremony. In the visit to that wonderful country I learned more about an ancient culture that has served me as a source of inspiration at different levels and moments. A trip that would serve to reaffirm my convictions as a professional but furthermore as a person.

    On one of my many nocturnal walks through Beijing, almost by "accident", I came face-to-face with a work of mine deployed on a window in Sanlitun Soho, my surprise would be greater to discover that this window belonged to Hot-Tattoo.
    The greatness of art is evidenced by the relationships, places and teachings that it leaves in its way. Knowing great tattoo artists and generating links in such a distant place has helped me to refocus my work.

    At that time MANTRA was in the initial stages, however I already had the outline of the Tibetan skull, a graphic that would serve for the tattoo gift that this amazing artists gave me.

    There is nothing more than follow the path of learning and give every breath to it.
    That the invisible strings that unite all things vibrate intensely for each one.

    Bound by flesh, freed by ink.
    Beijing-China. Sept. 2016

  • Process of one of my digital inking techniques