• I'm happy to share some work I did during march...
    Thanks to Divyan, Mukesh from Ogilvy/Bahrain for your trust and special thanks to Paul (and Divyan) for solving some issues.

    The campaign is advertising bose wireless headphones by showing famous musicians tangled up-
    (I wont add the names as I hope you guys recognize the illustrated musicians)
    We all know the pain of unknotting cables for being able to enjoy our favourite vibes.

    Client: VIVA Bahrain B.S.C.

    Product: Bose Wireless Headphones Add-on
    Agency: Ogilvy/ Bahrain

    Paul Shearer: Regional Creative Director
    Simon Impey: Creative Director
    Divyan Kriplani: Concept & Sr. Copywriter
    Mukesh Jadhav: Concept & Sr. Art Director  
    Daniel Shepherd-Smith: Client Services Director
    Gaurav Paul: Account Director

    Mark Gmehling: 3D Illustration

  • photo: Mukesh Jadhav
  • photo: Mukesh Jadhav
  • an early outtake...
  • photo: Mukesh Jadhav
  • I personally was believing in the intelligence of the viewer to build the bridge
    from seeing tangled rockstars to the benefit of wireless phones written in the subline,
    so I cant resist to share my smart-arse-version (which is not showing earplugs) also...
  • Thanks for looking guys!
    Daily drama here: