• Kidzania
    Advertising Campaign 
  • KidZania is an indoor city run by kids. Designed for children aged 4-14, KidZania blends learning and reality with entertainment. Role-play activities range from Doctor, Dentist, and Police Officer to Firefighter, Actor and Singer. Kids can choose jobs around the city, learning valuable life skills along the way. Often various jobs around the city affect others in this highly realistic miniature city. 

    I came up with an advertising campaign to show what this great attraction has to offer. I wanted to tell a story and incorporate the extensive variety of jobs in one visual, creating a rich, vivid and visually interesting image.​​​​​​​
  • Final Image
  • Initial Sketch 
  • The idea was to create a panoramic street scene, filled with kids working in different jobs interacting with each other telling one story. A particularly popular job in KidZania is the firefighter. The fire service has to respond to burning hotel on the opposite side of the city while the police place barricades around the building and keep others away from the danger. The ambulance and paramedics also arrive on scene and all roles work together. I decided to make this the focus of the story and central point to my concept. Initially, we created a simplified illustration to sell in the concept. 

    Illustrations by Peter Ware.
    Composited and coloured by me.  
  • Photoshoot

    Once the concept was approved, it was time to arrange the photoshoots. Firstly, I went to KidZania to photograph the building facades which later i would composite together to build the street scene. We then set up two full day studio shoots to get all the images of the kids in the scene, which we later made a select, retouched individually and composited into the street scene.
  • Building The Scene
  • Final Image | Composite Breakdown
  • OOH Advertising 
  • Once completed and approved, the image was used across a variety of outdoor and digital advertising. This was widely seen throughout London and surrounding areas over the summer of 2017. The visual was also animated for screens within Westfield Shopping Centre and an interactive version was made for the KidZania website.
  • 6 Sheet and London Underground 12 Sheet 
  • Client | KidZania
    Agency | LMC Design