The Environmental Cost of a day on Earth

    The environmental cost of one day on Earth
    For Earth Day 2017, CNN's Econundrum series asks what is the environmental impact of 24 hours on Earth.

  • A lot can happen in 24 hours

  • With more than seven billion of us going about our business on planet earth
    By this time tomorrow, around another 350,000 babies will have been born

  • Think of the impact – and the traces we leave behind

  • The average American throws away 2kg of trash every single day
    And almost half their food.

  • In 24 hours, the average Emirati uses 571 litres of clean water per day.
    And the world loses upwards of 80,000 acres of rainforest

  • And in 24 hours each Icelander uses 150 kilowatt hours of electricity, the highest in the world.

  • Supporting life is costing the earth.
    Most human impact is a direct consequence of consumption.




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