The Stone Church

  • The Stone Church Project

    The task: To create clean visual concept 
    of a unique art place in Brattleboro, Vermont USA.

    The visual style of this logo is based on line art technique.
    Main my decision to use the stained glass element from
    of the church as central visual detail of the logo.

  • The Stone Church is located in a renovated Victorian Gothic church in the charming, artsy,
    and eccentric hamlet of Brattleboro, VT. Formerly the All Souls Unitarian church, the decor expresses the culturally inclusive nature of the original congregation, mixing elements of the Renaissance, with Gothic Revival, with Celtic and Scandinavian folk designs.
  • There is an alternative concept, that based on monogram of SC letters.
    This variant has a pretty solid structure, because the retro style of monogram 
    to collect all details in one piece