Oliwier.pl — DIgital platform

  • We created the Oliwier.pl platform dedicated to the new combination of the oils. This time Oliwier was offering the new variants of its delicacy – mixed with pistachio, peanut, and sesame. Yummy!
  • Simple, clear and tasty. We focused on the product – the Oliwier oils and emphasized it with vivid colors and the beautiful food. We made every dish to look luscious.
  • We were also a part of a photoshoot and an amazing food styling process. Choosing all the ingredients, taking photos before and after preparations… well, it was delicious!
  • It’s not even negotiable, responsive design is a must. 
    We made Oliwier.pl to look wonderful on every device.
  • Client: Oliwier
    AgencySYZYGY Warsaw

    Art Director: Arkadiusz Bączyk
    Designers: Michał Duszczyk, Marek Czyż
    Frontend developers: Michał Włodarczyk, Marcin Gościcki, Dominik Lubański
    Backend developer: Przemysław Kot
    Account Manager: Marta Krzemińska
    Project Manager: Miłosz Belter