• Alternatives
    The third cover for the magazine for the cultural organization PointCulture.
  • “Who am I? If you look through a microscope, I am a community of 50 trillion cells doing a magic dance. And if you look at any one of those cells with an even closer microscope, you see 20 trillion atoms. And so I am also a community of 1,000 trillion trillion atoms. But when you look at those atoms really up-close, they fade away, and all you see is energy. All of us are energy - a human being is a very complex pattern of energy. When we look up-close at any single part of us, we moving at the speed of light and we are the age of the universe.”
    From the talk by Jeff Lieberman on Science and spirituality at TEDxCambridge 2011
  • The limitation of human perception about self, reflects in our relations and behaviour towards nature, each other and in the end - ourselves.

    The ability to perceive our surroundings not only through our eyes and our knowledge, but becoming aware how and who we are through expanding our other senses like smell, hearing, tasting and touching. What would we learn and how would we perceive the environment if all of our senses were developed to the level of seeing? How would we experience not only our environments but also ourselves, what would be the relation towards each other and what would become possible?

    How can I re-see, re-experience or re-understand myself?

    Dropping the concept of a human as a singular individual form and experiencing ourselves as a part of, or a particle within, larger organisms; an inseparable part of a collective or social life, or maybe even energy that is an inseparable part of the universe.
  • The way I chose to approach these questions and ideas via visuals was to merge the human body parts with parts of plants and animals, to create almost unrecognisable combinations of forms, colours and structures that capture an observers curiosity and draw them to come closer. It is almost like looking at the forest from a distance: it is green, it has some forms and patches of colours and textures. And the closer you come, the more details you start seeing. And if you come even closer, you start recognising parts of the forest, you can touch the shapes and experience being inside it. Nevertheless, there are still layers and layers that we do not see at first, like the whole world under the green sheets of moss, inside the rotten bark of the tree, or behind the rocks.
    It becomes an almost endless travel through layers of life forms and worlds.
  • So to create that experience, or even attempt to create it, I used a lot of images from the book “Inside the Human Body” by The Pepin Press. While searching for the right parts of the body I got totally lost in the beauty of the shapes and forms that are hidden inside us. The amazing ear drum, such a complex and beautiful mechanism that from up-close looks like an insect or the root of a plant. The beauty of skeleton structures, the shape of the brain or the textures of muscles.
  • I wanted to show all that I found beautiful within us in combination with natures forms. To show how similar we are, how the same we are and how all of us belong to one magical body – the universe.
  • And to show what it would look like if I created clusters from plant, human and animal parts and bring them all together as one life form. And by that, try to diminish the concept of individuality, separation and distance that we create as human beings at the present time.