Human After All

  • Human After All

    A collaboration between photographer Jan Kriwol and digital artist Markos Kay that depicts people in the context of everyday life through their circulatory systems. The project highlights the fragility and vitality of the human body juxtaposed against the backdrop of urban architecture. 

    Shot in Warsaw, Grenoble, Tel Aviv, Masada hill in Israel, Berlin, Brussels and Cape Town, the series combines real environments with 3D renderings of virtual blood vessels that were generated using particle simulations. The artists were inspired by Anthony Gormley sculptures and classical anatomical illustrations that combine life-drawing poses with anatomy such as the illustrated works of Andreas Vesalius, Giulio Casserio and Henry Gray.

    By stripping down the human body to the essence of life, the series aims to challenge notions of boundaries between our bodies and our environment as well as social barriers such as racial and sexual differences. The contrast between the surreal yet natural structure of the of the circulatory system and the mundane nature of its surroundings brings to light the oscillation between irony and romanticism that can be seen in the human condition.