• My intention to realize this personal work was simple – I just love this sitcom series created by Greg García. I enjoy the characters, the story, the cast, the entire setting and the (hidden) gags, and of course that funny thing called karma. Fellow fans know that the series has been cancelled (in 2009) and left us all unsatisfied with a cliffhanger. I’m still waiting for a final final season or at least a closing episode. No, I won’t lose hope, dear guys at 20th Century Fox!

    As he is the title character I decided to realize Jason Lee who starred as Earl Jehoshaphat Hickey first. The ongoing project serves as both a digital painting practice and the acquirement of new techniques to me. I’m planning to illustrate more characters over the next months with no rush. The motel background will always stay the same but with varying details like the current goofs you can see (the boom operator’s microphone or that strange cable).

    Because I’m also a huge fan of the work of Kevin Smith I wish he would write and direct the final season/episode. The reference to him and his View Askew Productions is just a broad hint.

    Thanks in advance for stopping by! Comments or feedback from you are always much appreciated!
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  • All characters and logos © 2005–2009 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. AC/DC logo © by AC/DC.

    I painted the logo and the credits based on the original fonts used in the sitcom series (except Adelle).
    My Name Is Earl logo font: Compacta™ by Fred Lambert
    Credits font: Kaela by Harold Lohner
    Additional font: Adelle by TypeTogether