I was still a student when the first X-Men movie came out. I remember gathering with all my classmates at my English school to eagerly watch the first trailer! At that first look, Hugh Jackman didn’t quite impress me for the role, but when I actually saw the film, his depiction of Wolverine, made me eat my words!

    This year, Hugh Jackman’s final on-screen chapter of Wolverine was, plainly put, awesome! Serious, emotional and fitting to a character so complex and long standing, that all comic and movie fans came to adore over the years. A nice lesson for storytelling, the Marvel universe can learn a lot from.

    I’m hoping the guys at fox will be wise enough to give Wolverine a rest as well, and not go on to milk the character’s popularity, by replacing him with someone new .

    This is my farewell to this actor, who simply can’t be replaced. Thank you Hugh, for those awesome 17 years! #OnlyOneWolverine