Various Illustrations/ Winter 2017

  • Hello!
    I am happy to show you my newest illustrations. Most of them are self-initiated projects but you'll find editorial pieces here as well.
    © GOSIA HERBA 2017
  • Mad girl. 
  • Friday.
  • Mad girl II. 
  • Illustrated interpretation of a poem by Emily Dickinson "Wild nights - Wild nights!" (269)
    Wild nights - Wild nights! /Were I with thee /Wild nights should be /Our luxury! 
    Futile - the winds - /To a Heart in port - /Done with the Compass - /Done with the Chart! 
    Rowing in Eden - /Ah - the Sea! /Might I but moor - tonight - /In thee! 

  • Still life.
  • Mirrors.
  • A Girl with her Pet.
  • Girls.
  • Illustration for the article about artificial intelligence. Published by "Przekrój" - a Polish quarterly magazine focused on culture.