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  • Gastrobiznes is a polish company of goods and services that opened their branch in Belarus in 2012 and brought European experience of servicing into Belorussian catering industry.
    Right in March 2014 Gastrobusiness became an official representative of KLEN company in Belarus. 
    KLEN is a company that was founded in 1993. It specializes in the complex equipment of restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens, food production and differen stores. Today it is a large stable company, which is deservedly the leader in the sphere of catering in the CIS 

    Talking about an illustration for the interior design of the office, foremost it is necessary to think about the people who will be in the space, both visitors and workers, so the illustration design that will become part of the interior should be pleasant in it's shape

    In this project specifically a light palette was used , without black shades, to exclude the possibility of visual overload. 
    The customer preferred the illustration to be drawn on clean concrete wall, this complicated the task. Because of the absence of a background it was necessary to create a smooth transition from blank walls to the part where the artwork is located, to fit the artwork into the space of the room. 
    Therefore, the artwork was designed in a way to meet the requirements of the room, the people and the corporate style of the company.

    I'd like to notice that in the part of the artwork where objects tend upwards, from the food court  in the bottom to the restaurant, I wanted to show that the company is engaged in the work of any complexity and is ready to cooperate with both small businesses and large enterprises, delivering the European quality of service.