Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found (Challenge)

  • ArtStation Challenge
    Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found - ENVIRONMENT DESIGN

    These environments show an alternate reality for the Egyptian soldiers drowned during the Red Sea crossing by Moses and the Israelites.

    Osiris – the Egyptian god of the dead – was moved by their situation, once they were dying underwater like himself. So, with the help of Anubis – god of embalming – he decided to keep them undead in a place built exclusively for them under the Red Sea.

    The first environment shows the moment where the explorers find this hidden entrance, kept almost intact for thousands of years inside an air pocket underwater (the citadel is mostly underwater, but a small portion was emerged by supernatural forces on a small island). The entrance gate presents the statues of both Anubis (left) and Osiris (right), strongly communicating the devotional purpose of this place. 

    The second environment shows the chamber where the Book of the Dead is found. 

  • First Environment

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  • Second Environment

  • Callouts of the Second Environment

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