"God is a circle whose centre is everywhere but whose circumference is nowhere".

    Bruno Munari


    The word Blurld /blɜːld/ is a combination of two words: blur and world.
    It’s a personal project and a pure aesthetic exercise which aims to exalt one of the most interesting geometric shape: the circle.
    The representation of the figures suggests, in abstract terms, a form that remember a world, a colored world floating in the universe composed by concentric circles. The color is a fundamental element of the composition because it energizes the figure satisfying the eye but it especially creates a psychic effect in the spectator, where it reaches inside our soul. 
    The colors are transparent and every one of them overlaps and eclipses each other, without completely getting dark but remaining a fascinating colored halo.

    Vassily Kandinsky, Bauhaus, Abstractism.


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