KONG: Skull Island Poster

  • My entry for KONG: Skull Island poster competition from PosterSpy & Legendary
  • Brief:
    Please focus on Kong for the artwork and pay attention to the size of Kong when placed with other objects. He is 100ft tall! You may use a broad range of styles for inspiration from tribal art, to street art to your own style of creating. We want to draw from the zeitgeist of this amazingly cinematic character and create something truly unique by redefining Kong for a new generation.
  • Trailer
  • For first i try to show my feelings about nature. As for me nature and animals are more beatiful and smarter than mankind and we have no any rights to change nature or kill animals especialy rare and unque. And here Kong as a symbol of nature fight against people, and i hope that in movie fire and demolitions from people will turn against them. Also in trailer i saw wonderfull ancient and mysterious tribe of people and round gates with symbols and i decided to use this gates insteed letter O in the name of the movie. And story about Kong cant be realised without woman which also help to demonstrate size of kong.
  • Drafts ideas
  • Final artwork
  • Details
  • Process
  • Type process
  • My artwork was chosen by Legendary for displaying as part of an official Kong: Skull Island art show at the Bottleneck Gallery in New York.