The Warriors

  • "The Warriors" is a real peculiarity, a movie about street gang warfare, written and directed as an exercise in mannerism. There's hardly a moment when we believe that the movie's gangs are real or that their members are real people or that they inhabit a real city.  That's where the peculiarity comes in: I don't think we're supposed to. No matter what impression the ads give, this isn't even remotely intended as an action film. It's a set piece. It's a ballet of stylized male violence. Walter Hill, the director and co-writer, specializes in fables like this. His first two films were "Hard Times" and "The Driver," and they were both at arm's length from realism. Hill likes characters that take on a legendary, mythic stature, and then he likes to run them through situations that look like urban tableaux. Roger Ebert

  •    Unused Conceptart (Street View)
  • Final Conceptart "We Figure We're Home" (Interior View)
  •     Close-up Shots of Progress Sketches

  • Close-up Shots of Progress Details

  • Final Comp  'The Warriors' / Alternative Movie Poster  "We Figure We're Home" 
     Oil Digital Painting - Ipad PRO / PS / Wacom Cintiq  2016

  • APs Run Prints  Signed & Numbered

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