Do the right mix

  • Agency - Mostra Belgium
    Client - EU Mobility
    Retouching - Jekyll and Hyde
    Creative director - Babak Hosseiny
    Art director - Marc Thomasset
    Photography - Jean-Michel Byl & Beefactory
    Senior 3D artist - Ján Smarž
    Junior 3D artists- Róbert Ďurčanský, Branislav Adamčík
    Sculpting 3D specialist - Filip Šicko

    We were asked by our recent friends in Belgium - Jekyll and Hyde, talented retouching guys to cooperate on a beautiful project.
    Series of two visuals for campaign Do the right mix - European mobility week.
    This time we were just responsible for making 3D objects.
    All the retouching and photo shooting goes for Jekyll and Hyde - Thanks a lot guys, marvelous cooperation !