Concept Provence

  • Concept Provence
    Produits de Marseille

  • As the founders Renata and Jean-Paul says: "Concept Provence is an elegant collection dedicated to the benefits of body and mind. The brand proposes an art of living in the Southern France - way entirely:  through its fragrances, scents and admiring the quality of its fauna and flora. The collection is aimed to the modern people in research of a daily getaway and offers a beautiful escape every day! Adopting the traditional products of the range means access to all the generosity of the Provençal nature."

    My mission was to create a logo and initial packaging design that would support their philosophy, modern and elegant cosmetics. Provence is not only lavenders but Provence is closely related with cicadas. Therefore, the main element of the logo has become a cicada mark. Packaging design has remained simply elegant with black color supported only by color of scents. It makes whole concept applicable to a variety of packaging through the whole cosmetic line.
  • Art Direction & Design: Robin Remsa
    Mission: Logo, Package Design

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