Into the Wild - Alternative Movie Poster illustration

  • The initial sketch for this poster was created with a horizontal layout but after several hours of painting, I realized I didn’t like this layout and composition anymore.
    The mood and atmosphere was not what in had in mind initially: too much white, too much "snowstorm" feel. This was not what I had imagined to pay tribute to the movie through this illustration. I wanted something a bit more colorful that could represent the wildness of the landscapes and of course the difficulty to live in it but also the "serenity" that these mountains can generate.
    I decided to modify the whole image et re-create a new one with another composition and portrait.

  • After finishing the initial version of the poster I got in contact with a Barcelona-based Artist "Juan Romero" which is specialized in Typographic Artworks + illustration. We discussed a bit about what we could do for this collaboration. This poster was a great opportunity for doing this kind of project as we were both fans of the movie.  We decided to create this "variant version" of the poster and jumped into creation. You can discover bellow the process and graphical experiments of Juan to create his typographic work specific to this variant version. 
  • The process for this project was very straight forward, after checking Lad’s illustration and theme I realized that it had to be a very handmade look title. Funnily enough that week in class we learned Neuland with Keith Adams and for me was a perfect fit. 

  • Metal poster available to buy here:   (UK based boutique) 

    If you would like to purchase this Artwork as a "Fine Art poster ", you can order it on my website by clicking on this link:

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