Kowloon Buffet Dim Sum Restaturant

  • Kowloon Restaurant is a Hong-Kong buffet dim-sum & hotpot restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam. Kowloon opened its door in 2016, and quickly became popular among young food-lovers—especially dim-sum lovers, because of its authentic Hong-Kong cuisines and a very affordable price (only 198,000đ / person).
  • Hong-Kong is known as one of the most exotic place in Asia. Hong-Kong's culture is the mix between old and new, influenced by thousand years of immigration. Inspired from such a dynamic culture, the challenge for us is to create, develop, and implement the brand identity that is modern and has this quality of oriental Hong Kong.
  • We were very clear that the new identity would have this authentic Hong-Kong feeling when people first see it, so we have looked into "what makes Hong-Kong different from other neighbour countries"—the food, the culture, the signage on the street etc. The one thing that we thought well presenting Hong-Kong traditionally and contemporary is the red-lantern which can be easily spotted on the street of Hong-Kong.