Aston Martin Lagonda with Tomek Olszowski

  • Cult cars don't come much less conventional than the Aston Martin Lagonda. Only 645 were ever made, and they're like no other car before or since. The wedge-shaped body is the height of a Porsche 911 but over five metres long, with an outrageously space-age dashboard.

    "This isn’t a car so much as a mobile pop-cultural mash-up, the intersection of a dozen different ideas, many of which are at odds with each other" (Top Gear)

    In this shoot, a touch of seventies noir accents the car's angular forms, and we introduced it to the kind of driver which its retro-futuristic style deserves. 
  • Photographer: Tomek Olszowski
    Retouching: Maria Luisa Calosso & Aljaž Bezjak /  Recom Farmhouse 
    Production: Studio Tecza Production & Piramida Film
    Model: Kajo Szwed