Sketches were made during a trip to Caucasus for 9 days

  • A history of returning back home over the borders of 4 countries of a beloved dog.
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    The doing of this story took place in February of last year.
    I have a dog, a female of 5 years old, of a Golden Retreiver breed. It lives now in Volgograd, in a house of my mother. I lived in Moscow at that time, and because I messed it very much, we decided to bring the dog to Moscow, to me. We did it, and the dog lived with me for two moths long. But suddenly we heard that we have to leave this city, for to go live to another place. And the dog, Margosha, have to be returned back to the mother, to Volgograd. We didn’t dare to send the animal by plane, and at Internet we found a site, which we could use for to transport the dog.
    We met a person, who promised to help us with our ‘dog problem’, placed Margosha inside a car, and after that went home thinking about this event and our clever way of handling. That evening we tried to take a contact with that man by telephone, but this Armenian driver didn’t take a phone. Later on we got to hear that ‘the device is switched off’. It was too much for me and was hitting into hysterics. At one o’clock of the night I begun to scream to my friend and to complain about a situation. I was still crying, when we went by his car the same way, as the Armenian man had to drive. A distance between these two citied, between Moscow and Volgograd, is about one thousand kilometers. It was a sunrise, when we passed by the half of a way, when it became very clearly for me: that, what we were doing, was not very clever of us. That this is not a correct method of finding the dog…
    After that night we undertook a lot for to find Margosha: we called all dog crèche along that way, placed adverts everywhere, leaved an application at a Police. Our mother tow times followed by bus the route where Margosha could be driven. Our imagination created the pictures: the dog was in hunger, it was walking around somewhere, she was cold… We blub the whole days, and only hoped and waited for something.
    The sister placed an ad at Internet, where she wrote about a missing dog, with the description of it, and also placed the photos of it.
    And then… Then ‘Miracle Occurred’: 1,5 month later, at four o’clock of the night, we received a message. This message came into an account of the missed Margosha. An unknown somebody wrote there that he watched a dog, that was walking nearby his house. He supposed that it could be the dog, whom we looking for. He even send us the photos of this animal. And it correctly: it was really our Margosha!!                        
    This Armenian boy has a dog of the same breed, Golden Retriver. Only the dog of him is a masculine. During his walking with a dog, he met a person, who also walked with the Retriver. And of course he begun a discussion with that man, asked him very ordinary question: about a feeding of a dog, when was a copulation with a male dog, what is the age of his ‘friend’? The man had clearly troubles with giving the answers. He also asked a boy which kind of meal he should give to his dog. The Armenian boy went home and thought that something was wrong with that man and his dog. As a modern guy, he went to look around at Internet, and when he placed a question in a search engine: ‘Lost dog’ and ‘Margo’, the Internet brought him to our page. After that he begun to write us.
    The only conclusion for us was the one: a departure.  To take a trip to that place. To go to Armenia. The guy asked us not to betray him under any condition. 
    At 12th of February we took our trip – we went to Caucasus for to pick up our dog.
    The trip was fantastic! At the border with Georgia happened avalanche. And we had to continue our way through Azerbaijan. We saw the country, we met a Caspian See. We covered a distance of 6000 km. 
    Our ‘kidnapping’ of our Margosha went perfectly. Everything happened such as we imagined it: since 6 o’clock to 7:30 we were waiting for a moment, when somebody will come for a walk with the dog. This ‘somebody’ was the same man, who promised us to bring Margosha to our mother in Volgograd! When we saw the dog, we went out of a car. And called it by the name. The dog recognized us and ran to us. It was very happy – we let it spring into our car…
    Our travelled  dog was returned back to our mother.
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