A Monster Calls Alternative Movie Poster illustration

  • This project was initially done for a Poster-spy website competition . I've watched the trailer of this movie i didn't heard about yet. It is directed by JA Bayona ( The Impossible ). When i watched the trailer i discovered a movie that seemed to be very Artistic and creative with mind-blowing colorful scenes. I was not disappointed that all and was even more surprised by the quality of it when i watched the movie after working on this poster illustration, I recommend it to you warly. The "graphic tales" developed in it are just stunning, visually it's one of the best movie i've ever seen in terms of visual creation. 
    The story is also a great great success, a lot of emotion in it . I'm happy that i've discovered it and also happy i've created this graphic tribute to it. 

  • Various screenshots and promotional images that influenced me before starting to work, when i watched the movie i also discovered some great work with colors, watercolor inks, a strong contrast between dark values and saturated colors . I wanted to work on this color specificity in my poster and work with this color saturation to express feelings and emotions.


  • Detail of the poster, i wanted to express the burning feelings and inner struggle of the main character "Connor" in the movie. He's facing a great deal of fear and rage because of his mother's disease and doesn't know how express it.


  • Metal poster available to buy here :  https://displate.com/ladislas/alternative-posters-art   (UK based boutique) 

    If you would like to purchase this Artwork as a "Fine Art poster ", you can order it on my website by clicking on this link: http://www.ladislasdesign.com/produit/a-monster-calls-alternative-movie-poster-illustration-fine-art-print-open-edition/ 
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