Tales of the Jazz Age

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    About the project
    Tales of the Jazz Age: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, by F. Scott Fitzgerald has been adapted into an e-book with animated illustrations and synchronized music with the aim of providing an immersive reading experience. One that is more personal, creative, social and educational. Books can have a tremendous amount of power to inspire, teach and connect people’s lives. Books should be read, shared, re-read, commented upon and used for inspiration. Our project offers a new way to enhance this experience through the use of animated visuals and thematic music that synchronizes with the audience's reading speed. 

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    Tales of the Jazz Age: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, animated cover

  • Illustration nr.1
    "One night in August they got into the phaeton attired in their full-dress suits and drove out to a dance at the Shevlins' country house, situated just outside of Baltimore", chapter 5

  • Illustration nr.2
    "The open country, carpeted for rods around with bright wheat, was translucent as in the day. It was almost impossible not to be affected by the sheer beauty of the sky—almost.", chapter 5

  • Illustration nr.3
    "The almost forgotten story of Benjamin's birth was remembered and sent out upon the winds of scandal in picaresque and incredible forms. It was said that...", chapter 6

  • Illustration nr.4
    "He became known, journalistically, as the Mystery Man of Maryland. But the true story, as is usually the case, had a very small circulation", chapter 6
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