• Greed
    The beautiful failure created by the creator who pursues “the great beauty.” This creature is made up of the best part of heron, butterfly, reindeer, and human. The creator tied it to a cage with a leash, treating it as a sculpture.

  • The creator
    The creator was born with the face of an abyssal fish, and has suffered from chronic depression like an abyss. The pursuit of beauty and the obsession of possession overwhelmed the creator’s mind, and lead to create these bizarre creatures. 
  • Redemption
    The goddess of death came to the creatures that already dead or suppose to be dead, and make them rest in peace. They were exploited as artworks in the house for a long time, and finally they were set free from the creator’s obsession.
  • The last
    Eventually, they confronted each other in the midst of the crumbling room. This encounter would be a new beginning and an eternal ending.