Open Title - Nodey à la prod

  • Client : Jeune à jamais
    Producer : Anais Lawson
    Music : Nodey - Soundcloud

  • Opening title for a tv show about music production.
    The show is specialize in HipHop. The beatmaker Nodey invite French rappers to create a track based on originals samples.

    I am really interested by the Hiphop culture, and I wanted to symbolise the message this art send about the society.
    Hiphop is combination of writing and music. It is about rhyme. It can be strong, violent, and brutal but it can be elegant, sosophisticated and stylish as well.

    I choose to make a composition really sober around the artist pictures with lines and fat elegant letters.
    Then I add  some glitchy details in 2D, in traditional animation to link the writing part of the culture.
    Like hiphop all the creation is moving matching the beat of the sound.