YELL Extreme Park Branding

  • What connects people who love extreme, and people who absolutely hate it? Yelling is the common thing: someone yells of fear, the other yells of joy, adrenaline and the other yells of mixed feelings. While naming this park our intention was to convey these mixed feelings, break all the boundaries and create emotional bridge between the visitors and the park. So, this question and a quick zipline flight in the park inspired us to name this place “Yell Extreme Park”. In terms of brand visualization, as you see, the logo symbol in a form of a yelling mouth fits the name. 


    Client: YELL Extreme Park
    Creative Director: Edgar Davtyan
    Art Director: Siranush Danielyan
    Graphic Design & Illustration: Siranush Danielyan, Haykaz Khroyan
    Photographer: Arman Gharibyan
  • Corporate identity includes three main characters, young boys, who are imaginary visitors of the park. The first one is flying on a zipline, second one is on a mountain bike, and third one is on parachute. Although the illustrated characters look scared, shouting out, they are having lots of fun. These characters are inseparable parts of the brand and express the emotions one would expect to have when visiting Yell Extreme Park.
  • For corporate identity we have chosen four main bright colors that are expressed in the nature. We have created different navigating and restriction signs as well as a park map, that are located in the amusement park. The map of the park or “Map of Bear Traces” points out the extreme activity locations. 
  • Thank you for appreciating!

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