UNREAL Packaging

    UnReal is the super-natural food company founded by two teenage brothers on a mission to unjunk the world.

    I've been working for Unreal since I developed their Halloween 2015 campaign. Since then I've been involved in the design & illustration of all their holiday campaigns. Below are some of the concepts and artwork we developed during that period. 
  • Christmas 2016 evolution of packaging
  • initial Holiday packaging concepts
  • second round simplified concepts 
  • final design mockups
  • Easter packaging
    Aimed at a younger age group that the Christmas campaign
  • Easter tin design mockups
  • Halloween 2106 packaging
    Tins, gravity fed boxes and lay down bags
  • ultimately we only ran with the orange tin exclusively sold in Target
  • lay down bags and display unit for Wholefoods
  • Gravity fed boxes (open and closed) and display unit mockup for Target
  • Rebranding UNREAL
    apart from the holiday packaging I also redesigned the UNREAL logo and single serving packaging
  • redesign of the UNREAL logo
  • New single serving packaging printed on foil
  • Valentines 2016

  • embossed valentines tins
  • concept for instore promotion at Wholefoods
  • We made heart shaped badges for the Wholefoods staff 
  • and branded screen printed Tees
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    Thank You :)