Mom's First Class - Johnson's Baby

  • Lớp Vỡ Lòng Của Mẹ 
    App Game for JOHNSON'S Baby Vietnam

    Team: MASH from The Purpose Group
    Published in December 2016, 
    available for iOS and Android
  • In September and November 2016, I was lucky to have a chance to work with the super creative team from MASH - The Purpose Group
    I want to say thank you to MASH team, especially Van Thao, Thong Nguyen and Anh Nguyen, for helping me a lot in this project. I also want to thank Anh Nguyen a lot for guiding me with his design experiences and many many great software tips :D
  • Lớp Vỡ Lòng Của Mẹ (Mom's First Lesson) aims to be a game and a tutor at the same time to help any beginner mom care her newborn with the easiest and most simple instruction. There are 5 milestones for Mom in her baby's first 12 months, each presents a state the baby grows and changes its behaviors.
  • Mom and Baby at each stage
  • The helping duck every mom needs
  • 6 emotions of the ducks 
  • Final illustrations for 5 milestones
  • UI/UX Designs by Thong Nguyen and Anh Nguyen
  • Thank you! :D