Looking back '16

  • Here are some of my favourite illustrations from 2016.

    This year I had a chance to draw for:

    Facebook, New York Times, Washington Post, Smith Journal, GQ, Forbes.

    Looks like my favourite colour was BLUE.

    Bon Appétit!

  • Honorific
  • Poster for Honorific. AD Mantas Lesauskas.
  • Smith Journal
  • "Grapes of Wrath" the mysterious world of wine fraud. Smith Journal
  • "Things I Know" interview with Turner prize-winning artist Grayson Perry. Smith Journal
  • Few spot illustrations for Smith Journal.
  • Up magazine
  • Tania's trip from Kathmandu to Gorkha. 
    Editorial illustrations for Up magazine. Commissioned by Winkreative.
  • Interwar Advertising in Lithuania
  • In Touch Ministries magazine.
  • Ten years of silence.
  • The New York Times.
  • "Future Cities" cover illustration for the special cities section. New York Times
  • "Jacob's colors" by Lindsay Hawdon. Illustration for the New York Times book review.
  • Washington Post
  • "Chasing the Light" a cover illustration fro the Washington Post
    Special thanks to Molly Holden.
  • UA magazine
  • "The Unheralded Administrative Assistant" aka "Secretary" illustration for UA magazine.
  • Tennis magazine
  • "The Most Dominant You"
  • New York Times
  • Few illustrations on natural gas.
  • Mosaic
  • “Redefining Soybean Success: A closer look at soil fertility has the potential to raise 
    your soybean game to unexpected heights” Client Crop Nutrition.
    Commissioned by Modern Climate.
  • Blink magazine
  • Trying to understand human behavior. 
    Editorial illustrations for Blink magazine. Commissioned by Mediacom.
  • Glamour magazine
  • Smart wardrobe.
  • Future e-shoping. 
  • Forbes Japan
  • Our workspace in near future.
  • Internet on airplanes.
  • Usbek & Rica magazine
  • Illustration for a neo noir novel.
  • Few spot illustrations.
  • Forbes Japan
  • "The Future of Education" As hundreds of venerable institutions of higher education limp along, 
    struggling to pay their bills, a new breed of innovative, activist college 
    presidents are rethinking the business of education.'
  • GQ France
  • Op art restaurant.
  • St Barth island.
  • Facebook
  • Father's day. One of a few illustrations for Facebook. 
    Events->Create->Choose a theme-> Holiday
  • Citizen K magazine
  • Editorial illustration for Citizen K magazine about famous writers who had bad experiences in France. 
    AD Thibault Conan
  • Usbek & Rica magazine
  • Future FedEx.
  • Personal works
  • Letters "U" & "f"
  • Consumerism.
  • The Fall.
  • Sundown. Available as a limited edition print here.
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