Living Interface for Discovery Channel Japan

  • Discovery Channel

    Discovery Channel Japan called Onesal to renew its monthly promo design. 
    A button in a flat interface reacts in a magical way when touched, showing how fun the world becomes through curiosity.

  •      Fluid Version


  •      Smoke Version

  •      Fur Version

  •      Mix Version

              Finally, we created a combined version mixing all three elements.

  • Produced by Onesal Japan

    Client: Discovery Channel Japan
    Production, Concept and Direction:  Onesal Japan
    Producer: Ailin Brunner
    CG: Nahuel Salcedo, Damian Sendin

    プロデューサー: ブルンナー・アイリン
    CG : サルセド・ナウエル、センディン・ダミアン

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