MAXIMUS - figurine

  • Maximus
    The lion-man warrior knight.
    Designed for French toy giant, Djeco. Maximus is a 10cm vinyl toy with moving arms and head . He comes with a terrifying axe-spear:)
    Ref Toy: Arty Toys Maximus djeco 6727

  • initial rough sketch
  • Character turnaround pencil drawing
  • refined design line work - photoshop
  • colour palette
  • Colour design artwork (photoshop) sent to the 3d modellers 
  • finished vinyl toy
  • Available to buy online from €9 - search:
    Ref Toy: Arty Toys Maximus djeco 6727
    Dimension: 10 cm.
    Design: Steve Simpson
    Materials: PVC, standard C.E.
    Age: 4yrs
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