Caramel Loves Chocolate

  • CGI & Postproduction: Luminous Creative Imaging
    Concept & Design: Luminous Creative Imaging

    Caramel Loves Chocolate is one of our personal projects we have been working on for some while now.

    It's about fluid dynamics, about color, about taste...about chocolate and caramel in a loving embrace :)

    Everything was created in 3D and sculpted in Mudbox. Lighting was done in HDR Lightstudio and rendered with Mental Ray.

    Thanks for watching!
  • close-up
  • close-up
  • close-up
  • Mudbox Sculpt
  • Ligthing the models in HDR Light Studio
  • Ligthing the models in HDR Light Studio
  • Preliminary sketch
  • Thank you for watching!

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